Wednesday, 15 November 2017
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Hi All!

So I have been having trouble with notes hanging on/sticking when I'm recording MIDI live.

Here's all the info that might be relevant:

I have a Privia px-350m digital piano which has MIDI out/in terminals.
The piano has configuration settings for sending MIDI but experimenting with those doesn't seem to change the issue. (I have Local Ctrl off when recording live midi)

I'm using a MIDI - USB cable

I plug this into my MacBook Pro Laptop:

[Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014
running macOS Sierra
Version 10.12.6,
2.6 GHz Intel Core i5]

The problem occurs both in Studio One 2 which is my main music software, and also when I attempt to record through Garageband as a backup, so I'm fairly convinced it's not an issue with the software I'm using or it would be contained to just one.

I have found that this problem does not occur when I pre-record the music onto the internal memory of the piano, and then playback while recording live on the laptop - however this is time consuming and a massive hassle to do as it means I have to play a perfect take before I can load it up.

I am fairly quick to pick things up but I don't have an in depth knowledge of MIDI so anything you can spell out in layman's terms would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks Folks,
4 years ago
I'm sure I've seen an almost identical question asked somewhere else (?) fairly recently. On another forum?

The big problem with questions like this, and there are frequent questions like this, is that the question revolves around specific hardware, and only marginally about midi. I know very little about any of the hardware mentioned.

On the basis of other questions, the culprit is likely to be the midi/USB interface/cable. You don't say what it is, but I read that there are various poor quality such devices about, and you do get what you pay for.

When you play live, the keyboard generate a LOT of midi data. The more skillfull your playing, the more precise the midi data may be, but even so, there will be spurious data to cope with, stray notes, etc.

When this flood of data is processed and saved within the software of the keybd, I suspect that there is a certain amount of immed cleaning up of the data, hence, when you play the saved data, it works MUCH better. However, when you try to send immed the full flood of data from the keybd, as this gets converted from midi to USB, and then USB to midi at the other end, all through substandard devices and/or software, the risk of occasional bits of data, like Note Off, getting 'lost', increases. To the point of inevitability.

I suspect the weak link is the interface. If you cannot do midi to midi (skip the USB) then you need the highest quality of interface you can manage. Sorry to say, but the best ones are prob more expensive. You get what you pay for.

Maybe someone very familiar with the specific equipment might find a better answer for you?

4 years ago
Yes - in the 'Home Recording' forum a week or so ago.

I would think you're more likely to find someone there that knows the specific kit, than here.

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