Thursday, 16 December 2021
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Hi everyone, I'm trying to make a midi controller without using an ARDUINO UNO. I have issues with the hardware, I'm not sure how making a MIDI instrument connect to the PC and automatically be recognised by the computer as a MIDI device. All I found on the internet is using an Arduino UNO whit the HIDUINO software.
Sorry abput my english, Im a Spanish speaker.
What microcontroller are you using, or do you want to use?

There are two microcontrollers that come with USB/MIDI libraries: Arduino UNO/Mega2560 with HIDUINO, or Teensy.
There are many other microcontrollers with USB support, but the USB protocol is so complex that implementing USB/MIDI support would not be easy.

What is the problem you have with HIDUINO?
1 year ago
You will need to establish some sort of communication between the hardware in your device, and your PC. The 'old fashioned' way of doing this was to use a software driver loaded onto the PC, but this would NOT be 'Plug-and-Play'.

Nowadays, people want P&P, and for this you need software built into the device. Apparently, there are specialist micro-controllers that include this function, as Clemens describes, and they also have libraries to help with the software link?

Even though you may get the PC to recognise that the device plugged in IS a MIDI device, you may still need your software to fully receive the data, again the libraries that come with the m/c will help here.

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