Thursday, 14 July 2022
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I'm looking for something so simple, but can't find it?

I'd like an iOS app (for iPad) that will give a visual metronome (flashing light, dots, 1-2-3-4, whatever!) from MIDI clock received from an external master device. That's it!

Does it exist?

More details:
I'm a live-loop performer. Occasionally I need to play/record a guitar part to a specific tempo, without any audible rhythm playing. Or I need to nail a percussion part (by smacking guitar, etc) to a pre-set tempo. My loop station (pedalboard) has a tempo light, but something in my line-of-sight would be incredibly helpful. I've even considered putting a mirror on my mic stand aimed at the tempo light on the floor!

My iPad is already MIDI connected to the looper (Lightning-to-USB/B cable), and sends PC messages. I want it to RECEIVE clock messages; if the looper is the slave, things get messy. And just give me an on-screen visual for the tempo.

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