Thursday, 03 May 2018
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Updated 04th May

Thanks for the update to the software..

There are some little niggles, but these might be the fault of support for my browser (FireFox) so I'll keep an eye on them.
Update - One is that on the screen to start a new thread, there are two boxes re 'Select a Category' and 'Type of Question'. The marker to use a 'look-up' does NOT show in my browser, but as I know it WAS there, if I click on the right end of the box the look-up works OK. Someone else might NOT know?

Very nice to see that the 'back' button now works. It did not (for me) on the old version. Makes life MUCH easier.

The header (in colour) for each thread uses a strange attribute and I struggle to focus on it. Prob just my eyes. Once the mouse is pointed at that item, to select, the text becomes clearer. Better focus.

Just thinking about it - the option to apply 'Password Protection' is still there. It would be nice if this was reworded (everyone might like to have their password protected) to say something like 'Make Thread PRIVATE with Password'.

Maybe others can add points to this thread as they see fit.

I agree, the serif font used for links is difficult to read. The sans-serif font used in the message text is much easier to read.

I don't like that the picture at the top of the page uses up half the height of the page when the browser is full screen. When the browser is not full screen, it's worse and forces too much scrolling.

I am happy to see there is now a way to report spam posts.

I agree with you two. There are accessibility problems in this forum, and there aren't several themes to choose one with better color contrast, for instance. That is a suggestion for enhancement.

5 years ago
Not seen - yet - an option to mark a posting as 'spam'. There is something however to mark as 'abusive'.

I've just marked a couple of 'spam' items using this option, and I'll see what happens. OK, the items are not 'abusive' as such, but YES, they are an abuse of the forum.

The longer such items sit there, the happier the poster will be. Robot or otherwise. The quicker they vanish, the better.

The message, I mean. Oh, all right, yes, the poster as well!!

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