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Hello. Complete newbie/dummy on the whole midi thing. I'm considering purchase of a new mallet controller by Kieth McMillan and Pearl purcussion, available at the end of June. The promotional material states that the controller(EM1MALLETSTATION) is exclusively powered usb bus connection and can be used with my android smartphone. But I'm unable to form a clear picture/understanding of how the whole is set up and used. My understanding is that you find some nice sounds you'd like to play with the controller,download them to the Android, tether the phone and controller via usb cable and your good to go with the controller being both powered and accessing the selected sounds. Am I right about this? I assume the sounds are available as an app. Correct? If so where do I find such apps? What are they called? Also,is there a way to escape from being limited to only the phone battery for power?
I appreciate any help/clarification one could offer. Thanks
I'm not familiar with your hardware, but do any of these videos answer your questions?

5 years ago
After watching the videos I also am not sure where you expect to use this on an Android device.
I have found few applications of any use on a Android phone to use with an external device other than a

I used MIDI last before General Midi was defined and later with non-standard Kurzweil modules.

I have similar questions using a current exotic Roland Go Keys with any app and external MIDI connection.
This keyboard generates 6 channels of separate parts with MIDI clock.

I have not found any apps other than basic rhythm or keyboard control to be of any real time use.

If you would use this as a keyboard then start by looking at this video from the Caustic apps author.
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