Wednesday, 25 January 2023
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Hello to all,
I come to you to try to find a solution to my problem.
Indeed, I try by all means to synchronize my Arturia Beatstep and or my Nektar Audio with Reason or Ableton.
And I always meet the same concern, that is to say that it notes sent sound late (control of delay does not change anything) but especially that they are random.

On a 1/4 loop, the first keystroke will always be a few ms late and if I loop, each keystroke it taps a few seconds apart.

I tried to change the Usb port, to change the cable, to change the sound card, to change the external sequencer, nothing to do the problem persists
I also tried on Ableton, same fight.
I updated all my drivers. and as it did not work, I even redid a new installation of Windows 10. but I dry royal.
It's not a latency problem in my opinion since it plays (check with midi view) each note has 3ms of difference.

I implore you to help me! I'm very angry.

Thanks in advance. Erreur midi sync.jpg
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8 months ago
Dear Geoff,

Thank you very much for your investment in my annoying problem.

After reading the negative reviews about the Beatstep, I bought the NEKTAR AURA thinking that it would solve the problem ... and no ... bad move ...
4 months ago
I am still looking for a miracle solution.

I tried with the module "Retrokits RK 006" but unfortunately it did not solve my problem.

Do you think that a Windows 7 would be a solution?

An external clock for external sequencer?

I don't understand, I'm not the only one with an Arturia Beatstep or a Nektar Aruba under windows 11? how do the others do it? am I stupid?

Help me

4 months ago
Sorry you are still having this problem. There are only a few people here who regularly reply to questions. You may need to ask in a busier place, like keyboardforums.com, or somewhere on reddit.

I don't own any midi hardware, so there's not much I can contribute this time around. I hope you are able to find a solution.
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