Monday, 08 May 2023
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Good day Everyone!

I have this device to control lights, it's called "Show Tec Led Commander"

Since I rarely use it anymore, I was wondering if I could use this device as a midi controller for my daw?
It has Midi in, Midi Out and Midi Through ports. I tried to connect it with an USB midi cable to a windows 10 machine. The same cable I use for all my other midi controllers. I tried to link it on FL Studio, without any success. It just says generic controller, nothing happens I have tried different ports etc. I also did not find any available drivers for this device.

Would it even be possible to use all those buttons to control my music software like a regular midi controller?

Is there any software out there that may reprogram this thing?

Thanks for any tips or knowledge!
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This is what the manual says about it. Looks like the MIDI Out is only for controlling another identical unit.

"MIDI function
1) Press and hold the MIDI button (20) for 3 seconds to enter Midi Mode.
2) Use the Speed fader (23) to set the MIDI channel. You can choose CH 1-16.
3) Press and hold the MIDI button (20) for 3 seconds to exit Midi Mode.

The MIDI function can be used to link two LED Commanders together or use a MIDI keyboard to control the playback of the LED Commander."

You could try using a MIDI to usb adapter with known working drivers to see what kind of data it sends out.
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