Monday, 16 September 2019
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Hi There

I have recently purchased a new midi foot controller from musicom and a midi baby from disaster area. The midi baby acts as a USB midi host for a source audio C4 pedal, which accepts clock and PC messages from the musicom unit. The problem is that the midi baby requires pin 2 to be grounded. Musicom says it is grounded, but it runs off a two prong 9v and the midi baby won't accept midi from it unless I run it through one of my rack units, with three prong kettle cord plugs.
I have tried a bunch of different devices and it seems that it will only accept midi from my rack units. This is annoying as it means I need to run cables to my rack and back.
Does anyone know of any small devices I could buy or schematics for something to make to act as an earthed midi thru?

Both the EFX's MIDI OUT and the MIDI Baby's MIDI IN are designed to work with standard MIDI ports. So I have to conclude that neither one actually uses the circuit from the MIDI specification, and that the combination of their deviations causes the problem. (I suspect that the EFX switches current on pin 4, and that the Baby measures the voltage on pin 5.)

A simple THRU device with one output is not useful for anything except for solving your problem, so I guess there is not much of a market for it. I guess you have to build it yourself.
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