Tuesday, 17 September 2019
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My name is Thomas, and I am creating a live mixed reality jazz show and am leveraging the power of MIDI to bring live improvisation to life. We have been doing public demonstrations of our technology and kids are really fascinated. I haven't seen a kid so excited to try out piano before!

I really hope to see MIDI 2.0 soon. Extra channels would be really useful for my use case!


6 months ago
This is a perfect example of the only benefit of spam posts: without them I never would have seen this project!

I just checked it out. He's still working on it, has made lots of progress, and has quite a few videos demonstrating the results. As a guy who will sit for hours watching music visualizations in Winamp, I approve! Essentially what he's done is created a hardware/software combo for real-time augmented reality visualizations the go along with live MIDI instrument playback (also might be working with non-MIDI as well? )

6 months ago
Why do you need to wait for MIDI 2 for more channels?

With MIDI 1.0, if I'm midifying a full orchestral score, I sometimes use up to 96 channels via 6 ports through my DAW.
With 6 copies of orchestral VSTs running.


As far as I can see MIDI 2 works the same way; clusters of 16 channels via multiple "groups".

Using a piece of software called LoopBe30 I could currently, theoretically, have up to 480 channels via 30 ports.
I'm sure my trusty laptop would throw a wobbly though if I tried that many.
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