Wednesday, 01 January 2020
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I just realized that the MIDI 2.0 effort is focusing on the next generation of products but
I am using systems and devices that are over three decades old.
I have a "NEW" Roland Go Keys 61 but it is an orphan 3 years after announcement with no posts or
development for its features.
I received a Specdrums from Sphero.
It uses Bluetooth Midi which has significant delays by the time the it reaches a bluetooth speaker (like the Roland above).

I will be trying to get the Android app now on Google Pixel 3a (Linux) running on an Android 10.0 TV then Linux on same device (ODroid-N2) as was done with
video games in the 1980's with Atari and others.
Then map the Specdrums colors to the Go Keys loops and Juno 106 lead sounds including real time patch select and edits.

I have interest in making things work so I have connected the Roland Juno 106 with Um-One MK2 DIN 5 Midi , Roland Go Key 61 with USB and Bluetooth Audio.
All this on Linux which now has a new Audio Handbook to assist that effort.

Now with 2020 vision I resolve to get midi.org forums to have that effort consolidated and not scattered in various unread posts.
My Suggestion is Linux MIDI topic in forums and then I can point the others there and be included in future products and discussions.
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