Friday, 07 February 2020
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I use MIDI software for configuration and playing instruments and Its a best software than other which is available online but MIDI software is easy to use, and basic user interface, but I am trying to install my old MacBook 2013 model but the installation failed, I am trying to install other musical software but the same issue it might be an Operating System issue or software issue, as of now I want to check my laptop with someone MacBook technician and trying to find macbook repair downtown, I already got a solution in online I I tryed to do same setting but nothing change,
2 years ago
I know nothing about any sort of 'Mac', and you say nothing about what software you're trying to use, or what the actual problem/error message is.

However, the most likely problem is that the software needs to 'connect' to a midi 'device' of some sort (physical or logical) and it is not finding any such device to connect to. You need tp check your devices and see if there is a midi device available, and ensure it is active. See where that gets you.

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