Tuesday, 03 March 2020
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Hi all,
hopefully some of you can help me with this:

I'm trying to hook up my Korg SQ-1 step sequencer, to my Ensoniq VFX synthesizer.
So far I can get the computer to recognize the sequencer via USB. When I use apps like Sysex Librarian, and the rest of those applications, I can see that midi information is coming in, and being recognized, and even routed out via the SQ-1 midi out, or controlling my software synths, but I'm not getting the VFX synth to recognize any kind of signal from the SQ1/Computer connection.

I've followed all the directions in the VFX manual to set it to receive messages, though no luck getting it to make a peep.

Anyone have any experience sequencing the Ensoniq VFX externally? Thanks

3 years ago
There's quite a lot of important information that you don't tell us, which makes things difficult.

Sounds like the link between the Korg and the computer may be OK (how is that link set up) while the link between computer and VFX (similar or different ?) is not (in what way is this link different ?)

Might be helpful - to sort out problems - if you could connect the Korg directly to the VFX. Is that possible? If this will work, it will answer some questions.

Generally, more info please as to how things connected now.

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