Monday, 06 April 2020
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I am a one man band/guitar player. I use 1manband (josmas) midi software. it plays yamaha and other styles. i control the style with my roland pk5 bass pedals. I want to free myself from 1manband software because of its limitations. to do so i need to learn how the bass pedals change the pitch of the chords. I can write code in visual basic, arduino , 8051/pic assembler to name a few. I have developed my own MIDI controller devices. Please tell me where to get learning materials. thanx, mark
2 years ago
The first thing you need to check will be the midi spec (and the memory map) in the handbook/manual for the Roland device. There are often examples there (certainly for devices I have) showing how to format SYSEX messages to do things that can be done. The manual may also provide info on functions of the device that CAN be controlled in this way.

The next possibility will be to use something like MIDI-OX on a computer, and connect the pedal to the computer and then do things with the pedal and record the midi data so generated using MIDI-OX. Then save the data to a file, and study the data and annotate it so that you have a record of what actions caused which pieces of code. This data SHOULD relate to the examples in the manuals, but don't panic if it's not exact - just give examples back here and someone will be able to explain the differences.

Once you're clearer about this, then it should be possible to generate the Midi/SYSEX commands you need, and write some small progs that will send out these commands as required.

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