Saturday, 09 May 2020
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I work in DAW on a computer (Win 10, Sonar Platinum), using hardware synthesizers (Virus TI, Roland JP-8000, V-synthh and others). Midi is coming from DAW. All synthesizers are connected via MIDI using the USB midi interface "Miditech - Midiface 16x16".
During operation, I constantly encounter a small desync. Sometimes the desync is not audible, but with a multiple increase in the image of the track of the wave file (for example, kick), a discrepancy is seen relative to the project grid in DAW, the notes are played either earlier or later (sometimes this is not heard by ear, but still). I solve this problem by manually moving the wave files. This also happens if you connect synthesizers directly from a midi audio card without connecting to "Miditech - Midiface 16x16".

I have a Kurzweil K-2000, it has a sequencer in it. I transferred the midi file with one track to K-2000 and synchronized his internal sequencer with Sonar Platinum, recorded audo file from K-2000 to Sonar Platinum and found that the recording went much smoother in this mode (K-2000 turned on in SYNC ON mode) than in direct SYNC OFF mode.
Thus, the sound recording in DAW shifted to the size of the installed DAW buffer, but when shifting the audio file to the beginning of the first measure manually, I did not find any big discrepancies relative to the DAW grid, unlike recording directly from the DAW sequencer.

There is very little information on the Internet about this problem.
Do you know about this problem?

I can assume this solution to the problem:
If I connect the "Pyramid sequencer" (or another hardware sequencer that can read midi files (not a step sequencer)) to my system (to DAW and to hardware synthesizers via Miditech - Midiface 16x16), then this will solve the problem with the MIDI desync (as I described above the SYNC ON mode in K-2000)?
I mean, the project (midi file) loaded into the hardware sequencer synchronously starts from DAW, and the MIDI data comes from the hardware sequencer itself.

In your opinion, will the hardware sequencer help me solve the problem with the desync relative to the DAW grid?
Perhaps you have another solution to this problem?

Regards, Maxim
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