Tuesday, 04 August 2020
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I need a midi pad controller that is configurable for custom midi commands per pad. To put it another way, the pad controller needs to have on-board midi message editing capability. Obviously a pad controller with a 5 pin din output/capability.

The reason i need this is to custom control a lot of hardware without a computer. Computers are just trouble live and I need to get rid of it. The Pad controller must therefore be able to be configured that if I press a pad, preconfigured midi string is sent out which then will change a patch on a specific midi device or do other tasks.

It must exist, but I just cannot find such a pad controller on the market.
Basically a modern version pad controller of this Link

Anyone who knows of a modern pad controller with 5pdin capability and which is programmable, let me know.

1 year ago
Another message just posted here refers to the FaderFox EC4, which seems to be capable of storing 16 midi command sequences.

Might that be relevant?

The problem might be that newer devices are more likely to be USB (only ?), but you want DIN connectors. You can of course get USB <--> DIN adaptors, but beware of the cheap ones that may not work properly
3 months ago
Edirol (by Roland) PCR-300 / PCR-500 / PCR-800: 25 programmable buttons/pads, programmable crossfader (send two messages at the same time), 18 programmable knobs/faders, programmable channel aftertouch, programmable Mod lever, programmable Pitch Bend lever, programmable Hold pedal, programmable Expression pedal. 15 banks of controller settings. Fully programmable from panel.
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