Friday, 16 October 2020
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I recently bought a new computer with OSX Catalina 10.15.6 preinstalled and I am running Logic Pro 10.4.8. Since I bought a new computer, I thought it would be time for a change and I began to completely clean up my system. I found lots of forgotten stuff, especially a folder called "Midi Chord Progressions". It was the folder where I used to put all of my best chord progressions in, which I wanted to use for future work. I used this folder until around 1 year ago, but for some reason I totally forgot about it until now.
Now my problem is, that I can not access those prefect .mid files because they all display that they contain 0kb when I click on "information". I never touched them or changed them. And I can also not just import them into Logic since they are empty. They were always in this "Midi Chord Progressions" folder and it occasionally got moved from computer to computer. Unfortunately I neither have any backup of this folder nor any of the original LPX projects because sometimes I did not even save the LPX project files cause I just wanted to quickly export the progression that came to my mind to midi, so I just exported the .mid file out of Logic. I already tried using Disk Drill to look through all of my hard drives where there was a possibility to find them, but no success. I also talked to the apple/logic pro support on the phone for 1 hour but they also could not help me in the end.
The weird thing is, that the "Midi Chord Progressions" folder has a size of 18kb but all the files in there show 0kb, how can that be? Anyways I have not giving up so far because I really need those .mid files that I collected over the years and it would be heartbreaking if they just completely vanished. So if there's anyone who has an idea, comment or thought about this, please help me with recovering these files :(

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1 year ago

This is not really anything to do with MIDI as such, however...

It seems that at some time a copy process has been interrupted, with the result that the 'files' (i.e. the directory entry and the name etc) HAVE been copied, but no actual data has. This could have happened a long time ago, and you've just not noticed that the files were zero bytes. A file with zero bytes is perfectly legitimate. Not so easy to create intentionally, but possible. I've created some myself as markers. The only other possibility is that the file has been truncated (as opposed to deleted), in which case the previous data might still be there if this had JUST happened, but any other activity on the computer would have long ago reused the disk space.

Note that the existence of the 'folder', or directory, will reserve some space on the HD, and exactly how much will depend on the OS. This could account for the 18k - you don't say how many files there are. This is regardless of the actual files containing zero bytes of data. 18k does not sound like enough space to relate to more than a handfull of files with 'unattached' data.

It might be worth digging further if it was possible that this had JUST happened, but it soubds like this is not the case.


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