Friday, 29 September 2017
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I'm looking into what is avail in MIDI loopers. A search of this Forum turned up nothing. Does anyone know about what is available or have experience with one?
5 years ago
Yes, this would be interesting.

I'm not aware there is any such thing, though, and midi data is by implication strictly sequential. I'm not aware of any way such a function could be inserted into a midi stream.

If I had the time to do something, for my particular purposes (which may be quite different to yours), I would look at two possibilities.

Firstly, write a (or more likely amend an existing) program that takes pre-defined midi phrases and builds a midi file which can then be played, the program allowing loops.

Secondly, I could add refinements to my own midi file player, which stores the midi data in a way of my own design, so that after an existing midi file has been loaded in, then loops could be added. As it's my own prog, and I can amend it any way I choose, I could add my own commands into the data to, for example, loop back from the current point to a previous point.

?? possibly allowing some variation to the loop - i.e. play the loop, then replay with all the notes raised by xx semitones?

This is something I have thought about for my own purposes. Just never got around to doing anything.

Please say a bit more about exactly what you were hoping to do.

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