Tuesday, 03 October 2017
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Hello fellow shyntesia users. I'm usually a game developer, however, i've decided to take my time and write my first program.


Video To Midi Transcriber

It's a program that can turn this:

Into a midi file.


Why use it?

Ever stumble across a shyntesia tutorial video, get all excited about it, only to find out there's no midi file included?
That's what it's for. This program automatically divides track by their color too. So information like which hand is playing the key isn't lost.
What is lost, however, is performance dynamic, which is hard to extract programmatically.


Download it here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bzarkht56IXHN2s3eUtzY3IwNWs
(Sorry, i can't upload it here. It won't let me)

The link is safe, as Google Drive scans it first, for you safety maniacs out there.

Included is the instructions for using it. The best part is it's licensed under GPL v3, so you're free to disassemble it, redistribute it, include it in software packages, etc.

I hope some of you find this program useful.


  • Now with auto Quantization. BPM is needed for this to work
  • No more crashes! Thanks to a friend of mine sending error report

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