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  Monday, 16 August 2021
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Regular SysEx messages normally have a 7-bit "Device ID" in the third byte.
Yamaha XG messages have a 4-bit "Device Number" instead of a 7-bit "Device ID" at the same position.
What is the relation between the Yamaha's "Device Number" and the regular "Device ID"?

Thanks a lot!
2 years ago
From looking through some manuals, this line from a post in another forums seems to sum it up:
"By the way, that third byte isn't always "1n" - for Yamaha, that would signify a Parameter/Mode Change message, while "0n" is for Bulk Dump, "2n" for "Dump Request", and "3n" for Parameter Request messages."

So the Device Number "n" is essentially the same as Device ID (can be 0x0 - 0xF), with the 4 bits before the ID used to select the modes listed above (with "1n" being the normal way to address a device using the ID).
2 years ago
Looking at the manual for my Yamaha MU90r, which is an XG device, I note that there is an option to SET the Device Number. This seems to include an option for 'all', or 1 to 16. The notes suggest that this may be important when using, for example, Bulk Dump or Load options.

I tried to find something similar in the manual for my Korg NS5r, but I don't see anything.

Maybe Yamaha tries to make more use if this setting than other manufacturers?

I'd assume that if a device does not have such a specific ID, then it will take no notice of the SysEx data?

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