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  Wednesday, 25 October 2017
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I ask you for help to solve a problem that is making me crazy.

I bought an arduino Mega R3 2560 and a WiFi Shield for a project for the creation of a midi controller. I've tried several solutions, including using the exp8266 but the arduino WiFi shield seemed to me the best, needing so many analog and digital inputs.

To send midi over WiFi, I use the AppleMidi.h library which simplifies things a lot, and the procedure is very simple:
- network connection with ssid and pass
- I create a midi session on the pc with the rtpMidi program
- I add the shield with ip and port

the problem is in this last step. When I do the peering, the connection request is rejected.

I checked that the shield was actually in the wifi network with the IP provided and it was
I checked if the shield firmware was not up to date
I also loaded the example that is found between those provided with the AppleMidi.h library (WiFiNoteOnNoteOffsec) only changing ssid and pass

everything useless ...

I think it might be a problem with the UDP or excessive latency in shield response to pc connection requests because, analyzing network traffic with wireshark, I see PC UDP requests only but no IP response of the shield .

Anyone know how to help me?

Thank you.
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