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  Monday, 06 November 2017
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DryWetMIDI 2.0.0 has been released.

Breaking changes

Time and length classes were generalized with time span classes. Now there is no difference between time and length since time is just a length started at zero. Time span describes both time and length and has following representations:

  • MetricTimeSpan for time span in terms of microseconds;
  • BarBeatTimeSpan for time span in terms of number of bars, beats and ticks;
  • MusicalTimeSpan for time span in terms of a fraction of the whole note length;
  • MidiTimeSpan exists for unification purposes and simply holds long value in units defined by the time division of a file.

Read updated section of the Wiki about time and length to learn more.

Minor changes

  • Lyrics and Marker methods were added to the PatternBuilder.
  • Chord methods taking root note's name were added to the PatternBuilder.
  • Fixed combining of LSB and MSB of the PitchBendEvent's PitchValue.
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