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  3. Wednesday, 15 November 2017
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Hi there.
Where do I find documentation on the format of a MMC response message? The info I can find does not describe what all of the bytes represent.
I would have expected the data bytes to be manufacturer-specific, but I am trying to interface with Cubase. Cubase sends the MMC commands as expected, but it waits for a response to those commands before starting.
I tried setting Cubase as MMC slave and noting its own response to the same MMC command, but when I try sending Cubase this response, it does not react. It does not react to any format of MMC response I can invent, which leads me to believe there are specific rules for the data bytes. Cubase is not accepting any old data bytes, so I guess it is not only manufacturer specific.
The site promises more information on these messages in a separate document, namely the "Complete MIDI 1.0 Detailed Specification," but the information is not in this document; this document only mentions that more information on MMC messages is available in a separate document; the site contains no link to such a document.
Looking forward to finding the detailed specifications!

Thank you!
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Download the complete MIDI specification, in pdf form, from the specs, and take another look.

104 pages of information on MIDI machine control are incorporated there.
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