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  Tuesday, 19 December 2017
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I used to use my JV2080 a lot in Pro Tools. There used to be a midiman program to automatically load the sounds in the 2080 right from within the protools domain. Now that I am running PT11 there doesn't seem to be anything to link the two any more. It's very frustrating.
Can anyone help out there...?
more than a month ago
Firstly, I guess that this question has nothing to do with the Roland JV device, and I again guess that you'd have the same problem with ANY module or keyboard.

After a couple of minutes using Google, I note that there was once a specific version of ProTools that specifically supported midiman products. Maybe you had this version?

Over the years, the midiman products have changed hands, and that company has been restructured. The company behind ProTools has done likewise. I would assume from your question that the later version of PT you refer to (not the latest version ?) no longer supports any link to midiman (or whatever they're called now) products.

I cannot say anything more helpful as you do not give any information regarding what you were using the setup for when it was linking, and what you're wishing to do now.

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