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  3. Thursday, 18 January 2018
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Is it possible to use the Web MIDI API in Chrome to talk directly to a DAW on the MAC OS

To record MIDI into the DAW streamed from the web page in the Chrome browser.
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About 20 years ago, there was a website called "Res Rocket Surfer" that was created to provide real time interaction for midi musicians around the world. There were private and public studios and a lot of stuff got done in there. A lot of musicians knew each other through this too.
But for some reason, it died.
Afterwards, it was re-used by the ones of Logic, when it was not yet an Apple product, still called "Res-rocket", but that time it was used from the DAW itself.
A couple of decades later, I found this on the web, that is apparently offering developers an SDK to incorporate Res-Rocket technology to their respective DAW's, so we can co back to where we already were back then:
Hope it helps.
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