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  1. Gilbert
  2. MIDI Connections
  3. Sunday, 11 February 2018
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I have a drum machine with a USB Type B output (printer type cable). I am wanting to connect this to an audio/MIDI interface (external sound card) that has regular MIDI IN/OUT ports. I already have a USB Type B to USB Type A cable, and have seen a MIDI to USB adapter/converter/interface on Amazon. I'm thinking I could connect this last cable to the MIDI IN/OUT of my audio/MIDI interface, then connect it to the cable from my drum machine using a USB Type A female-female coupler. My only concern is, that my audio/MIDI interface is considered an interface (interfaces to PC), while this MIDI to USB adapter is also called an interface (looks like a simple MIDI cable that has USB on other end, but supposedly has some type of chip and driver in it to convert MIDI to USB data)...would this cause a conflict? Thanks
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