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  Thursday, 25 November 2021
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I am using Waves OVOX as a plugin within Live to voice control, via MIDI, a Digitone synth. The sound I use evolves as long as the initial MIDI "attack" info continues (e.g., if the button/key/sung note is held). I wish to make use of a sustain pedal that hooks up to a keystep or a 1/4” komplete kontrol input so that the pad evolves accordingly without requiring me to keep singing, and I can relegate attention to instrumental improvisation. I have the keystep and Digitone each connected directly via usb to the computer. I am thinking there may be a plug-in or module that can receive MIDI from the sustain pedal and act on MIDI from OVOX as a MIDI sustain, accordingly. Please help me achieve the desired functionality.

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