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  3. Thursday, 01 March 2018
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MPD 218 -> Ableton Live

Use pads in toggle mode to turn effects on/off with corresponding LED feedback on the pads.

midi toggle sends 127 ON/OFF but DAW is looking for 127 to enable/disable effect. DAW midi mapping responds to 127 ON but not OFF, requiring two hits of the button for enable and two hits for disable, causing the LED feedback to get out of sync.

When I use the pads in momentary mode (sending 127 with every press), it works with one press, BUT I don't get the LED feedback of toggle mode, which is what I need here.

How can I either:
A) interpret my controllers 127ON/OFF messages to read as 127 in Ableton (using third party midi software or python script?)
B) Get Ableton device enable/disable to respond correctly to MIDI toggle ON/OFF?
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