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  1. Yannick Duchêne
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  3. Thursday, 03 March 2016
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Just wondered if, as it's named “coarse”, setting the coarse value resets the fine value. Is it? If this was just named “higher bits” and “lower bits” I would just guess it's a two step composition of a 14 bits word, but as it's named “coarse” instead of “higher bits”, I feel to guess it's different …

I looked at “General MIDI System Level 1 Developer Guidelines”, but it says nothing about it (or I overlooked the relevant part …)
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Hi Yannick,

The Specification for CC MSB and LSB says "When an MSB is received, the receiver should set its concept of the LSB to zero" (reset the fine value, as you proposed). There are some RPs, however, that dictate that a receiver must wait for both the MSB and LSB before changing its state.

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