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  1. John
  2. MIDI Hardware
  3. Friday, 06 April 2018
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I need some help and guidance here please.

I want to be able to select and change sound preset / programs on my keyboards from an external hardware device rather than the actual keyboards program selectors themselves. Reason this I get visits from the kids / grandkids and they want to keep flipping through the various sounds, back and forth (too many times!). This happens with all of my keyboard, so I thought to make it easier for them and to reduce the risk of the grandkids, partcularly, 'grinding' the preset selectors to death, if the program sections could be done with an external controller via midi.

I have seen this approach in a couple of YouTube videos where it looks like preset selections are being done with a midi device 'Sipario MIDI Router'. I've looked at the website for the router but I'm not clear if this would be the right solution for my problem, it looks to have very interesting capabilities but at the same time quite expensive. (website below):

Sipario - Advanced MIDI Router

So here's the question; does anyone have any ideas about this or any exerience with the Sipario MIDI Router or any other similar device. I really want to accomplish this task with a separate hardware device, not a PC / Mac based solution (this would just cause more problems with the grandkids).

Just another thought, could I perhaps achieve the preset / program changes with an iPad app??

Any help, guidance, ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  Waterlooville, UK
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Steve Caldwell Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
It looks like it will likely do what you want. Note that if your grandkids do something extreme like remapping MIDI input channels on your keyboards, you still will have to go back to your keyboards to fix it.

For me, I use BomeBox with a Bome MIDI Translator Pro software to do this. develop what I want to do on MIDI Translator Pro on my PC and then upload my project file to BomeBox. I then have my own third party controllers (in my case I use Behringer FCB1010) to control all translation, routing, PC's etc.

BomeBox is around 200 EURO
MT Pro is around 80 EURO
FCB100 I think is around 150 EURO but I got mine used and much cheaper.

Most of my MIDI devices are USB enabled so I use a USB Hub off of my BomeBox. It has one DIN in and out port so you might need to get some sort of usb to DIN hardware if you need to convert for your keyboards.

You can probably get a discount on the Bome Stuff if you let them know you will be ordering both the software and the BomeBox.

I don't have grandkids (yet), but my plan would be just to get a cheap keyboard for them to play with and have them leave the other stuff alone. They can probably have a lot of fun with a cheap Yamaha keyboard for under 100 EURO.
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