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  Sunday, 15 April 2018
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Just curious to what is currently the best/recommended optoisolator for midi in using a 3.3v supply.

So far (from google) I've narrowed it down to the 6N137 from LiteOn. Is there any other recommendations?

Was also looking at the FODM8061 from Fairchild but found no info online with it being used for midi. Looks OK to me (but more expensive).

Any help/advice welcomed!
The PC900 suggested by the specification is still a good choice. (Well, it's discontinued, but "PC900" was just Sharp's way of spelling "H11L1", and the H11L1 is still made by many manufacturers.)

The original 6N137 works only at 5 V. LiteOn's model also works at 3.3 V, while other manufacturers offer a separate 3.3 V variant, for a higher price: HCPL-260L, FOD260L, TLP2962. If you do use the LiteOn 6N137, you should ensure that nobody tries to substitute a different 6N137 model later.

All chips above use a DIP package. The SMD variant of the PC900 is the PC400 (and the LTV-M400, if LiteOn gets ever around to producing it). There are also 3.3 V SMD variants of the 6N137: ACPL-M60L, ACPL-M62L, FODM8061, PS9124, TLP2362. And nowadays, there are also many chips with a push/pull output: ACPL-M61L, FODM8071, TLP2361. (Currently, the TLP2361 is the cheapest SO-5 optocoupler suitable for MIDI.)
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