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  Monday, 23 April 2018
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I am stumped with how to do this. I have a MIDI transmitter that is set to CC7 and then controls the volume on the receiver. However, should the CC7's value be at zero when a new CC is selected on the transmitter, then the receiver has no volume, unless it is manipulated by changing patches or winding up its internal volume setting.

I thought perhaps 'reset controllers' might reset the receiver back to its default values, but it doesn't seem to do anything. Should it? reset all MIDI 0xFF doesn't seem to do anything either, should it?
4 years ago
What do you mean by 'MIDI transmitter'? Is this a specialised device of some sort?

What actual data is this sending to make a volume change? Should be three bytes. Bn for controller change on channel n, 07H for Volume, vvH for volume setting. The actual effect of this control change could be dependant on other settings, i.e. master Volume.

Not sure what you mean about CC7, which is a designation to Change Controller 7 - this is a setting on the receiving device. Usually, a new setting for this makes a total change to the new setting, so what the old setting was would be irrelevant.

If the receiving device is taking no notice of the control change, maybe it's not getting the data. Coming in on the wrong channel?

Again, more info on exactly what data is being sent would be a help.

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