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  Thursday, 22 December 2022
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I'm trying to get back into midi but my midi editing software won't run on Windows 10. I had been using MIDI MAXPAK software on Windows 98 with a USB interface to a MOTU 5 port mico lite interface which I then connect to my instruments with a midi DIN connector.

So what is a good choice for editing software for windows 10 that will let me assign ports using the MOTU interface, and let me play into it using a midi keyboard? I'd like to try something that has a demo version to make sure it works before investing in higher end.

Thanks in advance.
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5 months ago
Hi Daniel,

I too have a Micro Lite and find it a very useful device for connecting a keyboard and a couple of sound modules.
I'm still on Windoze 7 but as many of the programs I use don't work that well on 10.

Hoewever, a couple of free programs you could try are Anvil Studio and Sekaiju.
They can both see the Micro Lite as 5 input and 5 ouput MIDI ports.

They might be enough if it's just some simple MID editing you need to do.
The other, fully fledged DAWs have a very steep learning curve IMO.
Otherwise try the other free DAW Cakewalk by BandLab.

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