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  3. Saturday, 30 June 2018
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It seems that when I send program changes too quickly it causes the receiving device to reset. Is that how it should be?
I am sending the data about once every 10mS, and if i quickly make program changes the system resets.
At 50mS it is ok.
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Well, very helpfully, you don't say what the receiving device(s) is/are. You also don't say what type of interface you're using, this could be the culprit.

So I can't help too much.

But, I'd wonder along the following lines.

A PC instruction comprises certain bytes, depending on whether it's a true PC, or if there's a Bank Select as well.

I'd guess that your 'device', unknown, may have a RESET command. This may not be standard.

Could be that if the PC commands are being sent faster that they can be processed, some bytes of data are lost, leaving the residue as a valid RESET command.

Why do you need to send data every 10 ms? Is that per byte, or per command? If 50ms (per whatever) is OK, why not stick with that?

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