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  Sunday, 08 July 2018
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New features

  • New tools: notes merger, MIDI file splitter, CSV converter.
  • ResizeNotes method to resize group of notes to the specified length treating all notes as single object.
  • GetNotesAndRests method to iterate through the specified collection of notes returning instances of Note and Rest where rests calculated using the specified policy.
  • OnObjectQuantizing method of the quantizer classes has now quantizedTime parameter of the QuantizedTime type which holds information about new time for an object (see Custom quantizing to learn more).
  • QuantizingLevel setting was added to quantizer settings which allows to specify how close an object should be moved to nearest grid time.

Minor changes

  • MakeNotes method was renamed to GetTimedEventsAndNotes.
  • Added Clone method to MidiFile and MidiChunk.
  • Added Divide method to MidiTimeSpan, MetricTimeSpan and MusicalTimeSpan which takes another time span of the same type to produce ratio between time spans.
  • Added ChangeDenominator method to MusicalTimeSpan which returns an instance of the MusicalTimeSpan that represents the same time span as original one but with the specified denominator.
  • Removed setters from ITimedObject.Time and ILengthedObject.Length properties (setters on implementations still exist).
  • Implemented IEnumerable<T> on ValueLine and removed Values property.
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