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  Sunday, 16 April 2023
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Any suggestions/recommendations on how I might re-create something that sounds similar to this attached wav file?

It is a robot voice used in several musical tracks of the soundtrack I am working on for the SNES MIDI Remaster Project.

Melodyne failed to create a believable rendition, as do all online wav to midi converters I've tried.

I fudged my way through a couple of them, but the results are less than ideal, and the final one I am working on has 5 copies of it all playing at different pitch/speed all at the same time.

I used 71 Bassoon, and then diced a note up in to parts that match where the sound changes, and then applied a little bit of pitch bending or note changing. It kinda works, but it's not stellar.

I'm eager to finish up this soundtrack and get it out the door! My four previous soundtracks have taken between 4 and 8 weeks to finish up (4 weeks for one that was mostly prepped for by the prior soundtrack). I'm currently on... week 16 with this one. My next soundtrack is going to be one that's super simple... I hope...

My attempts can be heard in
Level 1 Boss, about 8 seconds, channel 5
Level 2 Boss, about 46 seconds, channel 3

Originals can be heard at
Spiders - about 4.5 seconds
Cosmic Dance - 42 seconds
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