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  Wednesday, 21 June 2023
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At NAMM it was said, Protozoa would become available soon. The board showed an expansion connector. Will the pin assignment of the expansion be published? It showed SPIO (SPI ?) and UART. Perhaps I2C too? Which boards are compapatible with this connector and does it follow any de facto expansion standard?
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AmeNote is now in production of another run to be made available to all developers. I expect it might be end July or early August when we get them from the factory, but production times are still unpredictable and impacted by the fallouts of Covid19 shutdowns and component shortages. We also want to have the github open before shipping; a current discussion in the MIDI Association. There are headers which offer the pinouts in the format defined by the CME WIDI Core BLE expansion board. Another header breaks out all the pins of the UUT Raspberry Pico. The pins on the Pico are all reprogrammable. The pinouts of the ProtoZOA will be published. Link to ProtoZOA Page at AmeNote Web Site
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