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  Friday, 21 July 2023
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im running windows 10 and using a midi in/out to usb lead when i use it on my old technics keyboard i am able to input and output to musescore.
when i try to use it with my yamaha ydp 131 piano i can input to musescore but not output ?
when i try to load the yamaha driver it fails with the 25001 error code saying device not connected.
when i check in device manager its recognized in software devises as usb midi but not in the usb controllers

hope the above information can help you give me ideas how to fix the output
bob set the type of the post as  Technical Question — 4 months ago
The YDP-131 manual is not very clear about it, but the only place where it mentions that data from the MIDI IN is played is in the section where it describes what happens when "Local Control" is off. So try changing the Local Control setting. Also check that the receive channel is set to ALL (which should be the default).

What Yamaha driver? As far as I can see, your USB/MIDI interface is not made by Yamaha, and the YDP-131 has no built-in USB. So there is no Yamaha device that would need a driver.
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