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  Saturday, 09 September 2023
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I’m using Ableton Link between Loopy Pro and Live 10 controlled with DAW controller. It’s a bummer that Link doesn’t send song position information, since I use the jog controls on the controller to navigate the Ableton timeline, and I think it would neat for Loopy Pros timeline to follow in sync. If I send Abletons MIDI clock out the DAW controller and into Loopy Pro, the controller will control Loopy for a second before the metronome freaks out and jumps to +600bpm on both DAWs. I’m wondering if it’s possible for Loopy to respond to the transport messages on the DAW controller via MIDI, while the tempo being slaved/locked to Ableton Link from Live 10 and not the MIDI clock? Is there some M4L device, MIDI filter, or hardware MIDI processor that can help get what I’m trying to achieve?

btw. i’m using a Tascam Model 12 as the DAW controller
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