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  Monday, 13 November 2023
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Hello everyone, it's not clear to me how I can submit my software at least for being reviewed for MIDI Awards. Can someone help me in that?
2 days ago
Not sure which 'MIDI Award' you're referring to, but I understand that there is a 'MIDI Innovation Award', and the most recent one was for 2023 and details of the awards have now been released/published, so I assume it's too late to enter for that now. Maybe the 2024 event?

I've found various mentions of this (use the full title) via Google, including details of entries. Entries were on display during NAMM 2023. Maybe it would be necessary to get something to NAMM. A couple of organisations are involved, these are mentioned in the reports.

I think there are different categories within the Award, I think both Hardware and Software were mentiones, with other options.

Contacting the MMA would be a start.

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