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  3. Sunday, 24 April 2016
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i play music alone as one man band, and i'm looking for a system i can set up on my guitar to change effects preset on my hdpro x line6 and the helicon voice rack by midi while i'm playing drums with my feet without using a computer... Like a MIDI "manualboard" ...
Do you know an interface for that, a device?
Any advices?
Many thanks !
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If you have an iPhone, Livid Instruments Guitar Wing looks like a good solution.

One other idea is to use a MIDI controller keyboard, not for playing the keys, but just to send program changes. These keyboard controllers are inexpensive, portable and can store a programs that have multiple parts on different MIDI channels with Program Changes and other MIDI messages.

The only other option is to choose a "foot" pedal like the Keith MacMIllen Soft Step ( with the KMI Expander to connect directly to MIDI 5 pin Din) and use it with your hands.
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