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  3. Friday, 14 September 2018
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Hello, I need a black box device of some kind that can take a MIDI input signal, add sustain codes using a piano sustain pedal, and send a final code out to a MIDI responder device (a sound module to play a sample, record the final MIDI signal, etc.)

Does someone know what this is called? This needs to be done live, not editing the responses in a DAW, and it is not a piano. I need to add the codes to something with no sustain codes in the signal, and no way to add it in the hardware that produces the codes.

Thanks in advance!
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The MIDI Solutions Footswitch Controller can be programmed to do this. You have to program by sending it System Exclusive messages, but it retains its programming after that. You can check out the MIDI Solutions Programming Tools which comes with an example programming file for the Footswitch Controller for just this purpose:

Example (Sustain message).rtf

In the following example the Footswitch Controller is programmed to send the sustain message (CC#64) on MIDI channel 1 of value 127 when the footswitch is depressed, and of value 0 when the footswitch is released. All MIDI messages received by the Footswitch Controller are echoed to its MIDI output, and the polarity of the footswitch is determined automatically on power up.
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