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  3. Wednesday, 03 October 2018
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I'm looking for suggestions on decent sounding budget Drum VI's. Budget being $50 and less...preferably less. I understand you get what u pay for, but there's gotta be a few exceptions out there.

I bought a couple VI kits from Audio Assault when they were on sale for $9/ea. Druminator, which has crashed Pro Tools every time since version 3 was released, and Westwood. I also have Xpand 2 and Drummic'a.

The VIs I mentioned are alright for metal, some heavy/hard rock, but they're terrible for straight rock, punk, or anything that requires a raw sound with alot of snare crackle. I'm thinking stones, beatles, clash.

Any suggestions? It needs to be AAX since I'm on Pro Tools.

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OK, a bit of help here? This is a MIDI forum, although yes, things can 'drift' a little.

But were there any specifically midi aspects of VI (I assume that's Virtual Instruments) that you had concerns about?

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