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  3. Thursday, 18 October 2018
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Hi, I just checked in. Greetings to everyone. My question is: before, in Cubase VST, you could name a MIDI track when exporting using the box shown in the first image. Now I'm using Cubase 5 but that window doesn't exist anymore, as you can see in the second image, and I wonder if anyone knows any way to use SMF Meta Events (the number 3 is the one used to name the track in MIDI 0 format) from Cubase 5, because I'm going crazy to find the solution, if it exists. So far I've been doing it using Merish PC software, but it's a pain, because every time I export the MIDI file I have to run it through that program. If anyone knows something, any tips, Thank you.


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What does the Cubase 5 user guide tell you about naming tracks?

A simple Internet search provided this demonstration of editing the track name.
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