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  3. Tuesday, 30 October 2018
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What is the status of MIDI-HD development?
Seriously, isn't it time to move beyond 128 values for synthesizer manipulation?
I know there was a networkable standard being worked on over a decade ago but then nothing happened.
Is there any business-wide development going on now like when MIDI was first developed?

My filter knobs have more than 128 steps!
Give CC the same range of values as pitch bend?
Give CC a carrier bit that says what it's bit depth and rate is, kinda like FireWire?
Why can't they simply adopt the VST3 or AUv3 automation calls for hardware MIDI utilizing Cat5 cable or... ANYTHING.
Is this stunted in development because they were trying to add audio to the protocol?
Why not add MIDI-HD to AVB and/or Dante?
Song position pointers and Ableton Link stuff?
What? Is it just too complicated?

C'mon now, tell us what's happening.
/willing to work as the industry go$between to figure this out.
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Check this out:

MIDI-CI is the enabling technology for Profiles, Property Exchange, and a new Protocol. So what was called "HD-MIDI" at one point, will be a protocol negotiated via MIDI-CI. This is an incremental approach (rather than a completely different, new protocol).

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