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  Saturday, 03 November 2018
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I am looking at buying a new MIDI controller to replace the old one I had from Novation (The ReMOTE SL Compact 25 key), and I currently live in Aberdeen, SD USA. I thought about buying the SL Mk II, but that's only 25 keys as well. The X/Y pad, the combo pitch/mod joystick, and the LED lights around the 8 continuous knobs is great, but I'm now possibly leaning towards the Nektar panorama T4 or the panorama T6. If any of you here own the Novation SL Mk II, or the Nektar panorama T4 or panorama T6, let me know... I don't know about the pricing of the panorama T4 or panorama T6 from Nektar sells for, but I do believe the Novation SL Mk II is $299.99. If there are any other brands that you guys can suggest, I'd appreciate it. The main focus for my new controller is integration with Live 10, or if there's no automatic integration built in, how to do it easily with the MIDI controllers you suggest, and I want to be able to control as many parameters as possible. I know I can do it with the SL Mk II from Novation, but I'm not sure if there's a limit to how many parameters I can control on the Nektar Panorama T4 or T6 at any given time. The more control I have, the better. I need as much info as possible so I can make an informed decision. I don't know exactly how much of a budget I have yet, but once I know, I'll post an update.
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