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    The MIDI Messages Forum
    Ask and you shall receive

  1. RC McCauley
  2. MIDI Specifications
  3. Saturday, 10 September 2016
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Dear Experienced MIDI users -

Sibelius music software by AVID allows you to change parameters of sound via midi commands. In there PLAYBACK dictionary there is regular vibrato, molto (much) vibratro, and no vibrato. Not a poco (slight) vibrato. If I'm reading the scant information Sibelius provides the MIDI command would be ~C1,32 reset by ~C1,64. Nothing happens in the practice file I have created using the command in the correct way prescribed by the software. You can't help me with the software - but maybe some of you use MIDI commands in your work and could advise me if I'm at least on the right track by using ~C1,XX
  Houston, TX, USA
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