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  Wednesday, 30 January 2019
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Devices API

DryWetMIDI 4.0.0 introduces API for working with MIDI devices. Now it is possible to send MIDI data to and receive it from a MIDI device. Also added methods to play MIDI files and capture incoming events from a device.
Read about working with devices on the library Wiki:

New features

  • Added GetTimedEventsAndNotes and GetNotesAndRests extension methods for TrackChunk and MidiFile.
  • Added conversion notes to/from CSV.
  • Added Parse/TryParse methods to FourBitNumber and SevenBitNumber.
  • Added ShiftEvents extension methods for TrackChunk and MidiFile which shifts MIDI events inside MidiFile by the specified distance.
  • Implemented resizing notes by ratio.
  • Added Resize extension method for MidiFile which resizes MidiFile to the specified length or by specified ratio (for example, 0.5 means shrinking to the half of the original length).
  • Implemented splitting notes/chords at distance.
  • Added GetChords extension method for IEnumerable<Note> which makes chords from notes collection.
  • Added new MIDI events classes: system common and system real-time.

Small changes and bug fixes

  • Fixed last chord missing on chords collection.
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