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  3. Tuesday, 20 September 2016
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I have a Roland A-500 pro that can work on 2 midi channels on 2 sections called upper and lower, I set it as
midi ch1 for upper
midi ch2 for lower
if I play upper part the sustain works correctly
if I play lower part the sustain works correctly as well
if I play in DUAL mode = layering Upper and Lower, the sustain works only on Upper part
(that's because it's mandatory to define an Active Part on this master keyboard)
with the editor I can assign to sustain pedal a free message or a sysex message
I tried something like
"B0 40 DT B1 40 DT"
with Data type 7 bit
but not accepted
it accepts B0 40 but it's not regular sustain
Have you any idea / suggestion?

Many thanka in advance

best regards
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