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  3. Wednesday, 03 April 2019
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Hi please, i have a question, is there something like a best optocoupler to use in 2019? any parts what should make my midi connection "better" ? I working with Ableton,elektron analog maschines and some oldschool synths remakes like a xoxbox etc, sometimes i hear some mistakes,maybe in midi.. so i want to change optocouplers in my hardware... so am an electrician, i know what to do but no what parts is the best for replace.. or if i should check or replace another parts? is there some tips for me? thx
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The best optocouplers are high-speed ones, like the H11L1 or 6N137. However, they do not have pinouts that are same as those of low-speed chips, so you cannot do a simple replacement.

If you have a problem with the MIDI input of a specific device, then what to do depends on what the problem actually is (so tell us about the symptoms), and on the specific circuit that that device is using (so you have to provide the schematic, or at least images of the PCB).
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