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  2. MIDI Specifications
  3. Wednesday, 15 May 2019
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Is there any list what should be default values for each controller?
In the specs I find only very few defaults. Examples:
- Bank MSB (0x00) , default = 0x00
- Channel Volume MSB (0x07), default = 0x64
- Expression MSB (0x0B), default = 0x7F
- Bank LSB (0x20), default = 0x00
- Channel Volume MSB (0x27), default = 0x00
But about most controllers I don't find anything.
E.g. modulation wheel, Expression LSB, and so on.

A similar problem applies to RPNs.
In RP-049 I found defaults for the 3D controllers, e.g.:
- azimuth angle: MSB=0x40, LSB=0x00
- elevation angle: MSB=0x40, LSB=0x00
- gain: MSB=0x7F, LSB=0x7F
- distance ratio: MSB=0x00, LSB=0x10
- maximum distance: MSB=0x7F, LSB=0x7F
- gain at maximum distance: MSB=0x51, LSB=0x0F
- ...
In other sources I found:
- pitch bend sensitivity: MSB=0x02, LSB=0x00
But nothing for the rest.

Is there a list somewhere?
Or is everything distributed over different RPs and other documents?
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Have you tried downloading the GM2 specification from the specs section?
There's a lot of definitions of defaults contained within it.
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Thank you for the hint, that helped me to find many more defaults.
However some are still missing, or at least I wasn't able to find them.
From the RPNs, only 2 are left:
- 0x03 tuning program change
- 0x04 tuning bank select

From the controllers I'm still missing defaults for:
- The following MSBs
- 0x02 breath controller
- 0x04 foot ctrl
- 0x0C effect ctrl 1
- 0x0D effect ctrl 2
- 0x10 general purpose ctrl 1
- 0x11 general purpose ctrl 2
- 0x12 general purpose ctrl 3
- 0x13 general purpose ctrl 4
- Most LSBs (I can guess some LSBs, like PAN==0x00, but I'm not sure about others like e.g. EXPRESSION)
- From the pedals:
- 0x44 legato pedal (I guess 0x00 but not sure)
- 0x45 hold pedal 2 (I guess 0x00 but not sure)
- From the single byte low resolution controllers:
- 0x46 sound ctrl 1
- 0x4F sound ctrl 10
- 0x50-0x53 general purpose ctrl 5-8
- 0x54 portamento ctrl
- 0x58 high resolution velocity prefix
- 0x5C effect 2 depth
- 0x5E effect 4 depth
- 0x5F effect 5 depth

What really surprised me is the default value for the bank number MSB. (0x78 for channel 10 and 0x79 for the rest)
Most of the time I use Bank MSB 0x00 and Bank LSB 0x00 for every channel and I still hear drums on channel 10 and chromatic instruments everywhere else.
Maybe that's why I was sure that this is the default...
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The bank numbers are what differentiates GM2 instruments from GM instruments. You get the default GM2 banks after sending a GM2 System On message.
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